Electronic ticketing and data workflow.

A major concern among oil & gas producers and the transporters contracted by them is managing the wastewater generated during the production of oil and natural gas.  This produced water must be disposed of safely, efficiently, and economically, while the completed job is documented for assimilation and consumption by various stakeholders.

The manual 'run tickets' generated by transporters during this process typically require hours and hours of tedious data entry into multiple systems—both by the transporter and by the producer—for subsequent availability in digital format.  The entire process, including reconciliation of run tickets in preparation for invoicing and payment, is a burdensome, administrative nightmare that is both costly and error-prone.  The resulting data quality is diminished, even as valuable employee resources could have been devoted to other more productive tasks and responsibilities.

After witnessing first-hand these highly inefficient processes, we decided to do something about it.  Introducing lodeX — our flagship, end-to-end, electronic ticketing and data workflow solution.


We invite you to reach out and discuss with us whether lodeX could be the answer to your e-ticketing and data workflow needs.



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